Visual Analysis of Art Works

The structure of visual analysis you will be asked to complete this year will follow;

1. Introduction – facts, dates and socio-historical relevance.

2. Description – discussing the artist’s use of the principles of art, primarily composition.

3. Analysis – discussing the artist’s use of the elements of art to capture the detail and expression in his imagery.

4. Interpretation – artist’s intention and expression, associations that the audience can make with the imagery/form.

5. Judgement – the juxtaposition of this artwork against the aims of the period of art it associated with, through intention, imagery and/or symbolic representation.

This support booklet provides assistance and work requirements to develop the necessary literacy skills and expression for this semester elective. It includes the initial research task. This material has been developed with consideration and reference to the visual analysis requirements at Monash University.

Surrealism and Visual Analysis


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