Year 10 Visual Arts

Over the last two years the focus of my year 10 art program has been to develop student’s appreciation of their own individual style of representation. The study of the European Surrealists and the Australian Modernists introduces students to a large number of artists that have developed their own styles of representation despite having common philosophical and conceptual ties.

I have adopted the following titles to break the course into three significant sections:

Digital Surrealism

Modernism in Oils and Contemporary Painting

Australian Contemporary Portraiture

Through these activities, students explore and apply creative and critical thinking both through their art work and through their documentation of their own studio practices.


12 Responses to Year 10 Visual Arts

  1. Emma says:

    Amber Martin, “The Boot Polish Artist”
    Amber Martin is a traditional Australian War Artist and she documents the everyday life of the Australian Army and Defence personnel. She grew up in Western New South Wales and Queensland’s Darling Downs. She paints the aspects of life on deployment, at rest, at home and on Peace Keeping operations. She got her name “The Boot Polish Artist” because she used boot polish and mixed it with other mediums, such as paint, to capture and summarise the essence of rural life. She decided to paint military pictures because of her connections to the army through her father and grandfather.

    You can find images on her artwork on her websites:

  2. Hannah says:

    Tom Phelan
    Tom Phelan is a printmaker and painter from Ireland. He was born in 1970 in Dublin and now lives in Austria. His art is inspired by urban landscape and his experiences in his environment. He has exhibited extensively around the world including in North America, Asia and Europe. In his prints Tom tends to use block colours and simple shapes to make up the pictures and in his paintings he is more intricate with his detail and colours.
    Tom’s website is

    • FFowler says:

      This looks interesting, Hannah. Do you prefer his prints or paintings?

      • Hannah says:

        Definitely his paintings. I’m not really much of a fan of prints in general and I think his paintings show so much attention to detail and I really like the last two paintings in the “A Reminiscent Drive” series.

  3. Rianna :) says:

    Shōji Hamada is a well-known ceramic artist. He was born in 1894, in Tokyo, Japan. He studied ceramics at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Soon, he left to England to work with Bernard Leach. After 3 years of studying at St Ives in England he returned to Japan. In 1923 Shōji Hamada established his workshop in Mashiko, about 100 km north-east of Tokyo, Japan. In 1995 the Japanese government designated him as a “Living National Treasure.” Unfortunately he died in Mashiko on January 5th, 1978.

  4. Jack Lazzaro says:

    Will Klemm is an Artist currently based in Austin, he was born in 1957 in New Jersey. He is a painter. He has many of his works in the Wally Workmen Gallery

  5. Nick Virgo says:

    Chris O’Doherty was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 14 August 1951 and now lives in Mornington in Victoria, and is located at the Mornington Peninsula Regional gallery. His focuses are on drawing and painting. His artwork is almost cartoonish with bright colors and often incorporating political, religous and current cultural themes. His first public exhibition was held at Watters Gallery in Sydney in 1975 whilst he was still attending art college.

  6. Emily says:

    Esther Erlich, born in 1955 in Melbourne. Esther lives and works in Melbourne.
    Esther is a holder of diplomas in Fine Art and Education, she has a high-profile. Esther has been exhibiting her work since 1983. Esther is best known for her gritty style of portraiture. Her style is also raw, vital and spontaneous.She was the winner of the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 1998 and the Archibald People’s Choice Award in 2000.

    You can find images on her artwork on her website

    • FFowler says:

      Is this someone you know or just a great discovery? Have a look at the finalists for the Archibald Portraiture prize at the site below. Do you think your artists could be a candidate for a national prize like these?

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