Appropriated and Copyright Art Examples

The following gallery identifies new art works that have been created from appropriated  or copyright images. Use these to test your memory on who created the original image, the new image, the dates and whether the new image is considered appropriated or a copyright infringement.

Copyright and Appropriation Example Template can be used to collect and record your examples and reasoning.

1. Flowers, Andy Warhol, silk screen, 1964

2. String of Puppies, Jeff Koons, wood painted sculpture, 1988

3. Mona Lisa, Marcel Duchamp, sculpture, 1919

4. Lobster Telephone, Salvidor Dali, sculpture, 1936 Salvador Dalí Lobster Telephone 1936

5. Jasper Johns

6. Robert Rauschenberg


7. Sherrie Levine, Fountain (After Duchamp), bronze 1991

8. Ricky Swallows, Model for a Sunken Monument, MDF, acrylic, 1999


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