Unit 2

Design Exploration and Concepts

This unit focuses on students establishing and using a design process to produce artworks. The design process includes the formulation and use of an individual approach to locating sources of inspiration, experimentation with materials and techniques, and the development of aesthetic qualities, directions and solutions prior to the production of artworks. Students also develop skills in the visual analysis of artworks. Artworks made by artists from different times and cultures are analysed to understand the artists’ ideas and how they have created aesthetic qualities and identifiable styles.

Area of study 1

Design Exploration

This area of study focuses on developing artworks through an individual design process based on visual research and inquiry. In developing an individual design process, students learn to explore ideas and sources of inspiration. Students respond to stimulus to generate ideas related to context and items; for example, the environment, personal experiences and human emotion. They experiment with materials and techniques, practise skills and use art elements including line, tone, shape, colour, texture and other elements such as sound and light, to produce particular aesthetic qualities. Students learn to generate a range of directions, and analyse and evaluate these before the production of artworks.

Outcome 1

On completion of this unit the student should be able to develop an individual design process, including visual research and inquiry, in order to produce a variety of design explorations to create a number of artworks. To achieve this outcome the student will draw on key knowledge and key skills outlined in Area of Study 1.

Key knowledge

This knowledge includes

• the nature and structure of an individual design process;

• a range of sources of information to support ideas for artmaking such as evidence of the works of other artists

• techniques for generating a range of directions and solutions;

• characteristics and nature of materials and techniques;

• a range of art elements such as line, colour, texture, tone, form, shape, sound and light, and an understanding of aesthetic qualities.

Key skills

These skills include the ability to

• develop an individual design process;

• explore and use ideas and sources of inspiration;

• explore and develop a range of directions and solutions;

• use materials and apply techniques;

• use art elements to create aesthetic qualities;

• research, analyse and evaluate directions explored;

• produce artworks.


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