Resources and Research

There are extensive resources available to assist with the study of Art. In this day and age it is still imperative that students refer to books, magazines and current articles about artistic practice, exhibitions and concepts.

Action Plan

Select six books from the following list and prepare a short review of the strengths and relevance of the book. Submit in the comments below. Choose books that have not been reviewed before.

Aland, J & Darby, M 1997, Australian Artlook, Heinemann, Port Melbourne.

Aland, J & Darby, M 1998, Art Connections, 2nd edition, Heinemann, Port Melbourne.

Bonnici, P 1999, Design Fundamentals: Visual language, Rotovision, East Sussex, England.

Campbell, A 1988, Techniques of the Great Masters of Art, New Burlington Books, London.

Dormer, P 1994, The Art of the Maker. Skill and Its Meaning in Art, Craft and Design, Thames & Hudson, London.

Drury, N 1994, Images 2: Contemporary, McGraw Hill Book Company Australia Pty Ltd., NSW.

Green, C 1995, Peripheral Vision: Contemporary Australian Art 1970–1994, Craftsman House, Roseville, NSW.

Haekel, E 1998, Art Forms in Nature, Prestel from Peribo Pty Ltd, Mount Kuring- Gai, NSW.

Hilfiger, T & Decurtis, A 1999, Rock Style, Universe Publishing, New York.

Lawson, S 1996, The 20th Century Art Book, Phaidon, London.

Parr M & Badger, G, 2004, The Photobook: A History Vol. 1, Phaidon, London.

Parr M & Badger, G, 2006, The Photobook: A History Vol. 2, Phaidon, London.

Poynter, P (ed.) 2000, The Impossible Image, Phaidon Press Ltd, London.

Richardson, D 1995, Art and Design in Australia, Longman, Melbourne.

Stockley, M 1991, Art Detective, Heinemann Educational Australia.

Taylor, B 1995, The Art of Today, Everyman Art Library/Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London.

Williams, D & Simpson, C 1994, Art Now: Contemporary Art, post-1970, (series) McGraw-Hill Book Company Australia Pty Ltd, Roseville, NSW.

The Broader Social Context

Allen, T 2000, Cross Currents in Contemporary Australian Art, Craftsman House, G+B Arts International, Fine Arts Press, NSW.

Gombrich, E 2000, The Uses of lmages: Studies in the Function of Art and Visual Communication, Phaidon Press Ltd, London.

Mancini, A 1994, Art Through Australian Eyes: An Issues-based Approach, Addison Wesley Longman Australia Pty Ltd, Australia.

Mancini, A 1995, Australian Perspectives on Art – An issues-based Approach, Addison Wesley Longman Australia Pty Ltd, Australia.

Mitchell, WJT (ed.) 1999, Art and the Public Sphere, University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

Ross, P 1999, Let’s Face It: The history of the Archibald Prize, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Stiles, K & Selz, P 1996, Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art, University of California Press, USA.

Roles and Identity

Borzello, F 1998, Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self Portraits, Abrams, New York.

Drury, E 1999, Self Portraits of the World’s Greatest Painters, PRC Publishing Ltd, London.

Harrison, C & Wood P with Gaiger, J (eds), 1998, Art in Theory 1815–1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas, Blackwell, Maiden.

Harrison, C & Wood, P (eds), 1992, Art in Theory 1900–1990: An Anthology of Changing Ideas, Blackwell, Oxford.

Kuspit, D, 1993, The Cult of the Avant-Garde Artist, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Steiner, RH & Hass K 1994, Cross-Cultural Design: Communicating in the Global Marketplace, Peach Pit Press, Berkeley.

Sullivan, G 1994, Seeing Australia: Views of Artists and Writers, Piper Press, Annandale, NSW.

Voigt, A 1996, New Visions New Perspectives: Voices of Contemporary Australian Artists, G+B Arts International, distributed by Craftsman House, NSW.

Williams, D 1995, In Our Own Image, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, Sydney.

Indigenous Art

Isaacs, J 1989, Aboriginality: contemporary Aboriginal paintings and prints, University of Queensland, Australia.

Thomas, R 2003, Rover Thomas: I want to paint, Holmes a Court Gallery, Western Australia.


Caruana, W 1993, Aboriginal Art, Thames & Hudson, London.

Caruana, W 1993, Aboriginal Art by World of Art Series, 2nd edition, Thames & Hudson Ltd.

Ellis, JA 1994, Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage, Collins Dove, Melbourne.

Isaacs, J 1989, Aboriginality: contemporary Aboriginal paintings and prints, University of Queensland, Australia.

Kleinert, S & Neale, M (eds.) 2001, The Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and Culture, Oxford University Press and The Australian National University, London.

Ryan, J 2004, Colour Power Aboriginal Artpost 1984, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Ryan, J 1993, Images and Power: Aboriginal Art of the Kimberley, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Sutton, P (ed.) 1989, Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia, Viking, Ringwood, Victoria.

Writing about art

Bamford, A (ed.) 1998, Viewpoints, Heinemann, Port Melbourne.

Barnet, S 1997, A Short Guide to Writing About Art, 5th edition, Longman, New York.

Bryson, N, Holly, MA & Moxey, K (eds) 1991, Visual Theory: Painting and Interpretation, Polity (in association with Blackwell).

Cumming, R 1995, Annotated Art, Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London.

Fernie, E 1996, Art History and Its Methods: A Critical Anthology, Phaidon, London.

Freeman, J 1998, Art – A Crash Course, Simon & Schuster, London.

Israel, G 2000, Artwise, Jacaranda Press, Queensland.

Marshall, C 2001, Interpreting Art: A Guide for Students, Macmillan, Australia.

Rathus, LF 1992, Understanding Art, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, Englewood.

Skull, J 1988, Key Terms in Art, Craft and Design, Elbrook, Adelaide.

Whitford, F 1987, Understanding Abstract Art, Barrie & Jenkins, London.

Woodford, S 1983, Looking at Pictures, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

History of Art and Artists

Arnason, H 1977, A History of Modern Art, revised edition, Thames & Hudson, London.

Baxandall, M 1988, Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy. A primer on the social history of pictorial style, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Catalano, G 2005, The Solitary Watcher – Rick Amor & His Art, Miegunyah Press/Melbourne University, Victoria.

Cornell, S 1983, Art, A History of Changing Style, Phaidon, Oxford.

Duro, P & Greenhalgh, M 1994, Essential Art History, Bloomsbury, London.

Dysart, D 2006, Guan Wei, Craftsman House, Victoria.

Emmerling, L 2003, Jean-Michel Basquiat 1960–1988, Taschen, Germany.

Ewington, J 2007, Fiona Hall, Piper Press, NSW.

Feaver, W 2007, Lucian Freud, Rizzoli, New York.

Fineberg, J 1995, Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being, Laurence King Publishing, London.

Freeman, J 1998, Art – A Crash Course, Simon & Schuster, London.

Gainsford, J & Sprawson, K 1985, The Great Artists, vols 1–8, Marshall Cavendish, London.

Gardner, H 1996, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, I0th edition, College Publications, New York.

Glass, A 2004, Lisa Roet: uncommon observations, Craftsman House, Victoria.

Gregory, J 2006, Carnival in Suburbia: The art of Howard Arkley, Cambridge University Press, New York.

Gombrich, EH 1995, The Story of Art, 16th edition, Phaidon, London.

Guthridge, I 1996, Great Women in History and Art, Medici Publications, Melbourne.

Hall, J 1983, A History of Ideas and Images in Italian Art, John Murray, London.

Hartt, F 1994, A History of Italian Renaissance Art, H N Abrams, New York.

Heywood, I 1997, Social Theories of Art, Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Hughes, R 1991, The Shock of the New, Knopt, New York.

Huyghe, R (ed.) 1966, Art and Mankind, vols 1–4, Paul Hamlyn, London.

Janson, H 1992, A History of Art, 4th edition, H N Abrams, New York.

Joselit, David 2006, Jenny Holzer, Phaidon Press, London.

Lucie–Smith, E 1992, Art and Civilization, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Lynn, Victoria 2007, Julie Rrap: body double, Piper Press, NSW.

McDonald, H 2008, Patricia Piccinini, Piper Press, NSW.

Mueck, R 2003, Ron Mueck, Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany.

Nuridsany, M 2004, China: art now, Flammarion, Paris.

Paoletti, JT & Radke, G 1997, Art in Renaissance Italy, Lawrence King, London.

Papadakis, S, Farrow, C & Hodges, N (eds) 1991, New Art – An International Survey, Rizzoli, New York.

Paton, J 2004, Ricky Swallow: field recordings, Craftsman House, Victoria.

Skira 2006, Tracey Moffatt: between dreams and reality, Milano, New York.

Smith, B 1991, Australian Painting 1788–1990, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Steinberg, Leo 1975, Other Criteria: Confrontations with Twentieth Century Art, Oxford University Press, London.  

Wheeler, D 1991, Art since Mid Century: 1945 to the Present, Thames & Hudson, London.

Wilkins, DG & Schultz, B 1990, Art Past, Art Present, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Criticism and Art History

Atkins, R 1990, Artspeak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords, Abbeville Press, New York.

Bann S & Allen, W (eds), 1991, Interpreting Contemporary Art, Reaktion Books, London.Barrett, T 1994, Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary, Mountain View, Mayfield, California.  Baxandall, M 1985, Patterns of Intention: On the Historical Explanation of Pictures, Yale University Press, New Haven. Berger, J 1978, Ways of Seeing, Art and Language Press, Banbury. Cheetham, MA, Holly, MA & Moxey, K (eds) 1998, The Subjects of Art History. Historical Objects in Contemporary Perspective, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Hughes, R 1990, Nothing If Not Critical. Selected Essays on Art and Artists, Collins Harvill, London. Rathus, LF 1992, Understanding Art, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Schneider, L 1996, The Methodologies of Art, Harper Collins, New York.

Stiles, K & Selz, P 1996, Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art – A Source Book of Artists’ Writings, University of California Press, USA.

Tagg, J 1992, Grounds of Dispute: Art History, Cultural Politics and the Discursive Field, Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Psychology in Art

Hoffert, B 1997, Aesthetics and Art Criticism: The role of emotion in art, Addison Wesley Longman, Australia Pty Ltd, Australia.

Kelly, WL 1991, Psychology of the Unconscious, Prometheus Books, New York.

Kuspit, D 1993, Signs of Psyche in Modern and Postmodern Art, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Symbols in Art

Cirlot, J 1993, A Dictionary of Symbols, 2nd edition, Routledge, London.

Crumlin, R 1988, Images of Religion in Australian Art, Bay Books, Kensington, NSW.

Drury, N 1987–93, Images In Contemporary Australian Painting (issues 1–8), Craftsman House, Roseville East, NSW.

Hall, J 1979, Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art, John Murray, London.

Jung, CG 1978, Man and His Symbols, Pan, London.

Knapp, G 2000, Angels, Archangels, and all the Company of Heaven, Prestel from Peribo Pty Ltd, Mount Kuying-Gai, NSW.

Magon, J 1995, Anneke Silver: Images of the Goddess and Nature Mysticism, G+B Arts International, distributed by Craftsman House, NSW.

Specific Media

Mayer, R 1991, Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques, 5th edition, Faber & Faber, London. 

Spandorfer, M & Curtiss, D 1993, Making Art Safely, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York.

Animation – Laybourne, K 1998, The Animation Book: A Complete Guide to Animated Film-making from Flip Books to Sound Cartoons to 3-D Animation, Three Rivers Press, New York.

Architecture – Vulker, J 1990, Studying Australian Architecture, Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Red Hill, ACT.


Australian Ceramics and Pottery Monthly, Express Publications Pty Ltd, 2–4 Stanley Street, Silverwater.

Hamer, F & Hamer, J 1986, The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, London, AC & Black.

Lane, P 1988, Ceramic Form, Collins, Sydney.

Mansfield J 1988, A Collectors Guide to Modern Australian Ceramics, Craftsman House, Craftsman Press, NSW.

Rhodes, D 1974, Clay and Glazes for the Potter, Chilton Book Company and Thomas Nelson & Sons Pty Ltd, Ontario, Canada.

Speight C 1989, Hands in Clay. An lntroduction to Ceramics, Mayfield, California.


McIntyre, A 1990, Contemporary Australian Collage, Craftsman Press, NSW.


Betti, C & Sale, T 1992, Drawing: A contemporary approach, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Fort Worth.

Dextor, E 2005, Vitamin D, New Perspectives in Drawing, Phaidon Press Limited, London.

Kaupelis, R 1992, Experimental Drawing, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York.

Klanten, R 2007, Illusive 2: contemporary illustrations and its context, Die-Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.

Martin, J 1992, The Encyclopaedia of Coloured Pencil Techniques, Simon & Schuster, East Roseville, NSW.

Martin, J 1992, The Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques, Simon & Schuster, East Roseville, NSW.

Pipes, A 1990, Drawing for 3-Dimensional Design, Thames & Hudson, London.

Taschen 2005, Illustration now!, Taschen, Germany.

Turner, S 1994, Which Paper? A Guide to Choosing and Using Fine Papers for Artists, Craftspeople and Designers, Design Books, Lyons & Burford Publishers, New York.

Victionary 2005, It’s a matter of Illustration, Victionary, Hong Kong.

Digital and new media

Agosto, I (ed.) 1999, 3D and Web Masters: The latest artwork & techniques from the world’s top digital artists, Rockport Publishing, Rockport.

Gilmore, S 2000, Electronic Workshop Photography, Rotovision, East Sussex, England.

Grossman, R 1997, Painter 5 F/X, Ventana Communications Group Inc., Arizona.

Murphy, P 1998, Electronic Workshop Graphics, Rotovision, East Sussex, England.

Rush, M 1999, New Media in Late 20th Century Art, Thames & Hudson, London.

Sather, A (ed.), Ibanez, A, Dechant, M & Pascal, B 1997, Creating Killer Interactive Web Sites: The Art Of Integrating Interactivity and Design, Hayden Book, Indiana.

Sperling, K & Steward, W 1997, Fractal Design Painter 5, Complete, IDG Books Worldwide, Indiana.

Sutton, J 1996, Fractal Design Painter: Creative Techniques, Hayden Books, Indiana.

Tannenbaum, R 1998, Theoretical Foundations of Multimedia, Computer Science Press, New York.

Threinen-Pendarvis, C 1998, The Painter 5 Wow! Book (Windows & Mac Format), Peach Pit Press, Berkeley.

Zappaterra, Y 1998, Electronic Workshop Illustration, Rotovision, East Sussex, England.


Drake, N 1988, Fashion Illustration Today, Thames & Hudson, London.

Joel, A 1998, Parade: the story of fashion in Australia, HarperCollins, NSW.

Leventon, M 2005, Artwear: fashion and anti-fashion, Thames & Hudson, London.

Mackay, E 1985, The Great Aussie fashion: Australian fashion designers 1984–1985, Kevin Weldon, Australia.

Martin R 1989, Fashion and Surrealism, Thames & Hudson, London.

Saint Laurent, Y 1997, Yves Saint Laurent, NY Universe/Vendome, New York.

Seeling, C 2000, Fashion: the century of the designer 1900–1999, Konemann, NSW.

Watson, L 2003, Twentieth century fashion, Chelsea House, New York.

Yajima, I 1988, Mode Drawing: Costume (Female and Male), Graphic Sha, Publisher, Tokyo.


Andrew, D 1984, Film in the Aura of Art, Princeton University Press, Princeton.

Andrew, D 1997, The Image in Dispute – Art and Cinema in the Age of Photography, University of Texas Press, Texas.

Media related topics


Bogle, M & Landman, P 1989, Modern Australian Furniture, Craftsman House, NSW.

Feill, C & Feill, P 1998, 1000 Chairs, Taschen America Ltd, USA.


Dormer, P & Turner, R 1985, The New Jewelery, Thames & Hudson, London.


Ioannou, N 1995, Australian Studio Glass: The Movement, its Makers and Their Art, G+B Arts International, distributed by Craftsman House, NSW.


McKenzie G., 1985, Paint: Tools and Techniques, Pitman, Melbourne.


Ayres, J 1991, Monotype – Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking, Watson-Guptill, New York.

Ayres, J 1993, Printmaking Techniques, Watson-Guptill, New York.

Gale, C 2006, Etching and Photopolymer Intaglio Techniques, A & C Black Publishers Limited, London.

Golden, A 2005, Expressive handmade books, Sterling, New York.

Grishin, S 1994, Contemporary Printmaking, An Interpretive History, Craftsman House, Roseville, NSW. 

Grishin, S 1997 Australian Printmaking in the 1990s: Artist Printmakers: 1990–1995, Craftsman House, G+B Arts International, Fine Arts Press, NSW.

Robert, A 2007, Intaglio: acrylic-resist etching, calligraphy, engraving, drypoint, mezzotint: the complete safety-first system for creative printmaking, Thames & Hudson, United Kingdom.

Tallman, S 1996, The Contemporary Print – From Pre-pop to Postmodern, Thames & Hudson, London.

Walker, L & Blount, S 1989, The Best Of Screen Printing, Rockport Publishers, Rockport.


Scarlett K 1980, Australian Sculptors, Nelson, Melbourne.

Sturgeon, G 1978, The Development of Australian Sculpture, Thames & Hudson, Melbourne.

Sturgeon, G 1991, Contemporary Australian Sculpture, Craftsman House, Roseville, NSW.


Greenlees, K 2005, Creating sketchbooks for embroiderers and textile artists, Batsford, London.

Hutchins, J (ed.) 1983, The Fibre Design Book, Lark Books, North Carolina.

McNamara, A & Snelling, P 1995, Design and Practice for Printed Textiles, Oxford University Press, Australia.

The Australian Forum for Textile Arts

PO Box 38

The Gap Qld 4061

Quarterly publication – Textile Forum

Distributed by Gordon & Gotch, available from Newsagents



Stepan, P (ed.) 1999, Icons of Photography: The 20th century, Prestel from Peribo Pty Ltd, Mount Kuring-Gai, NSW.


Crombie, I & van Wyk, S 2002, Second Sight: Australian Photography in the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Davis K 1995, An American Century of Photographs, Hallmark Photographic Collection.

Jeffrey, I 1981, Photography: A Concise History, Thames & Hudson, London.

Koop, S 1997, A Small History of Photography, Centre For Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

Lemagny, JC & Rowville, A 1987, A History of Photography – Social and Cultural Perspectives, Cambridge University Press.

Mora, G 1998, PhotoSpeak: A Guide to the Ideas, Movements and Technologies of Photography 1839 to the Present, Abbeville Press, New York.

Newhall, B 1982, History of Photography, 5th edition, Secker & Warburg, London.

Rosenblum, NA 1997, World History of Photography, 3rd edition, Abbeville Press, New York.

Willis, A 1988, Picturing Australia: A History of Photography, Angus & Robertson, Sydney.


Colbeck, A & Martin, J 1989, Handtinting Photography, MacDonald & Company, Sydney.

Jane, S 1997, Photography – Production and Appreciation, Jacaranda, Milton, Queensland.


Conceptual Still Life Photography 13, 1999, Rotovision, East Sussex, England.

Dunn, J 1988, School Photography, Piper Press, Annandale, NSW.

Ennis, H 1988, Australian Photography, Australian National Gallery, Canberra.

Michael, L (ed.) 1996, Photography Is Dead! Long Live Photography!, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

O’Brien, M & Sibley, N 1990, The Photographic Eye, Davis Publications, Mass., USA.

Pam, M 1989, Visual Instincts: Contemporary Australian Photography, AGPS, Canberra.

Townsend, C 1998, Vile Bodies: Photography and the Crisis of Looking, Prestel from Peribo Pty Ltd, Mount Kuring-Gai, NSW.


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