Art Links

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre

Aboriginal Gallery – Dacou

Arts Yarn Up magazine – Australia Council for the Arts

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative

Dictionary of Australian Artists Online

Includes the Indigenous Storylines project

Koorie Heritage Trust Inc

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts Database

Papunya Tula Artists Website



Art Studio Chalkboard

Focuses on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, colour and painting.


The Costume Ring

The History of Fashion


Screen Network Australia


Painting Reviews, projects, critiques, glossary and quotes. A painter’s personal website featuring his work and information on the elements and principles of design.


A History of Photography

Good concise history up to 1920.

Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

Black and White World Photography

Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

Masters of Photography

Search facility for artists, glossary, books.

Masters of Photography on CD-ROM

Also available on CD-ROM which can be purchased through the site and which will link to other sites if used when online.


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